I was born in 1983 on the LR Hammond Ranch in Clovis, New Mexico. They say that when you looked across the broodmare band that my dam stood out as an exceptional individual. My Dam, Gold Salt had an ROM arena and Superior Halter. She was raised by Arnold Scharbauer in Midland, Texas. My sire was the 1980 World Champion Halter Stallion, Impressive Dandy.

  Luckily for me, Mr. Hammond thought I would ‘ make a stud’. I was bought by a man in Eldorado, Texas, and this is how I became a resident of West Texas. As a two year old, I lost my left eye in an accident involving a walker and a bee-bee gun. I don’t believe my Eldorado owner had any plans for me except to be a stud, so he never showed me or rode me. I produced many great offspring while living in Eldorado and then was sold to a family in Colorado City, Texas. They used me as a herd sire and produced many athletic offspring, including many roping and ranch horses. They sold one of my sons to a kid who became rookie of the year in calf roping on him in the PRCA.

  At 15 years of age, I was bought by Pam Weishuhn in San Angelo, TX. Pam decided to see how this old man would do at a few AQHA shows. Not only was I extremely well mannered, but I placed well even at age 15 against the 4 year olds. In fact in Sweetwater, I received 1st place in aged stallions and stallions 4 and older and then was placed Reserve Grand Champion for the stallion division. Pam seemed happy; I pretty much slept through the whole thing and just stood where she told me to. We had fun at the couple of shows we attended, and at every show someone knew me from either Eldorado or Colorado City.

  Now Pam keeps me at the ranch in Paint Rock, TX and stands me to outside mares as well as covers a few mares of her own. In 1999, a man from Nebraska came and looked at me. He and Pam worked a lease for me to travel to Nebraska to meet some of his mares. The results of my visit are two year olds now and Arthur, Nebraska will soon get to see what outstanding individuals my offspring are as athletes and in working cattle. My offspring are friendly, love people, smart and athletic. In the 3 ½ years I’ve been owned by Pam, people have told her of their horses out of me and how wonderful they are. She had a man call the other day and tell her that he had been raising horse for many years, and his 1st Salty baby born this year is the friendliest and calmest foal he’s ever had. I’m not surprised, the little tykes usually get my personality. As Pam meets more people who have known me, she finds out how nice my offspring are. The other day a man called and asked if he could bring his Grandfather out to look at me. He said his grandfather use to know me when I was young, and hadn’t seen me in over 15 years; he recognized me immediately. All he kept saying was how great I look. It was a fun visit; Pam loves to show me off. View some of my recent foals and read what people who have my offspring say about them in the commentary section.

  Come visit me in Paint Rock, TX. I love meeting people, and everyone who sees me says I really am Impressive!

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