Impressive Salt AQHA # 2010885
03/07/83 - 04/11/10

Impressive Salt the 27 year old sorrel stallion died on April 11th, 2010 on the ranch in Paint Rock Texas. He lived a very good life siring 124 registered foals and many unregistered ones. He was an excellent individual. You did not come to "look" at Salt, you came to "meet" him. He made friends with everyone he met whether they were horse, human, dog or whatever. He had a great and gentle personality, which passed on to his foals. I still have people come up to me today and tell me how great their horse is by Salt. It is the same story, however they aquired the horse, it is the best horse they have ever owned, everyone wants to ride it, very personable and loving and they would not sell it for anything. You can always pick out a Salty foal since they are head turners with lots of muscle and good looks. Most of his foals have been roping horses, barrel horse and ranch horses and some have been quite successful. I was blessed to have owned Salt for the last 12 years of his life. It was my pleasure to take care of him. He taught me a lot and I always trusted him and felt safe around him. When the grass was green in the yard I would let Salt graze around the house. He would spend all day grazing, sometimes taking a nap in the yard and watching his mares and foals in the coastal field in the front. He looked very happy. I caught my 14 month old son hugging his front leg the other day. If it was any other horse I would have freaked out, but Salt just stood there as still as he could. He will truly be missed, he touched a lot of peoples lives. I know he is in horse heaven right now with a beautiful herd of mares and foals to play with. They say a good horse is hard to come by and your lucky if you get one in your lifetime and I was blessed with Salt.

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