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Whitetail Deer Management
on Rock Ridge Ranch

Our Goal: is to have a 1:2, buck to doe ratio and only harvest mature bucks, ages 51/2 and older.

Our Program:

Currently in our 2009 program:
- Hunters are allowed one buck per hunter. This instills self management.
- Maximum allowed harvest is 1 buck per 325 acres based on total acreage.
- Our hunters are encouraged to take the maximum allowed does until our optimum buck to doe ratio is achieved.

The 3R ranch deer program is designed to maximize the quality of whitetails under low fence. We have incorperated protein feeding along with proper livestock management to maintain a good deer, quail and turkey habitat. The 3R deer program is currently a coopertative of three ranches totaling 7500 acres. These Ranches being, Rock Ridge Ranch, Buzzard on a Rail, and Sims Ranches. All individuals hunting on these ranches are following the same management quidelines. These Ranches as of 2009 are under MLD Level 3 program with the parks and wildlife department.

As deer hunting has become another income to ranching, we strive to learn more about whitetail deer and how to manage them in order to produce bigger and better quality deer.

Pic's from the Ranches: These are deer cam pic's and hunters pic's form several different ranches. These are the last 2 years.

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