We raise commercial feeder kids and a few show wethers. In order to hit certain markets, we kid in two groups, early spring and fall. We selectively keep the top doe kids as replacements. We select our goats based on length of body, amount of muscle and their ability to handle range conditions throughout the year. We try to produce a kid that will reach 80 pounds at 7 months of age with little supplementation

Here are some of our herd sires.

We call him"Little Mic" although there is nothing little about him
Below is "Chuckwagon"

Here are all the boys, old and young, they are ready to go do their jobs!

This is "Ears", this picture really does not do him justice

Chuckwagon again

above: "Diablo!" below is "George"

Here are some pictures of our does we raised.

Here is a group of some 2004 weaned doe kids out of our stock. They now live in Nebraska!
We will have more like these in the summer of 2005.