We raise commercial feeder kids and show wethers. In order to hit certain markets, we kid in two groups, early spring and fall. We selectively keep the top doe kids as replacements. We select our goats based on length of body, amount of muscle and their ability to handle range conditions throughout the year. We try to produce a kid that will reach 65pounds at 7 months of age with little supplementation

We have 125 head of nice show quality nannys for sale. They are on pasture and weigh about 80lbs. They are open an will make good show prospects. They are priced at $135.00 p/h. We will reduce the price if someone takes the whole group.



These are commercial bucks we raised in 2007. They are sold. Our billy's are good quality Range billy's. Bred to hold up in range conditions, and to cover alot of nannies.


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