All of the colts I have raised are imprinted at birth, halter broke at 1 month old and start to learn to stand tied, lounge and load in a trailer as weanlings. They are exposed to bathes, clippers, tarps and big green balls and anything else I can throw at them. They enjoy learning and want to please. That makes it fun. If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact me. - Pam

2004 Colt by Impressive Salt x Miss Coosa Girl (goes back to the Continental)
"Cotton" is a well muscled, smooth traveling, good boned, handsome gelding. He ties, clips. loads,bathes, good for farrier and loves people. He is very smart and willing with a very laid back attitude. These pics really don't do this guy justice. "Cotton" is a dark red sorrel with roan flecks and a big white face. He is a good size horse.. He tries very hard to please his rider, which makes him a joy to be around. I think he would be a great 4-H prospect and of course he is a great ranch horse. He will travel through rough country and loves to work cows. You can see younger pics of him on the foals04 page.
Cotton is very forgiving and he tries very hard to please you. This gelding is very good about moving away from your leg, he sidepasses, opens gates, he picks up both leads from a walk and will drop his hip and really stop if you just think stop. He is neck reining good on a long rein and has the sweetest jog trot. If you are looking for a great family horse please contact me.

These next pics are Cotton when he was a 2 year old.

Playin Cards
2005 Gelding by Playin Starlight x Impressive n Jazzy
We call this colt "Piquito", although there is nothing little about him. He is by Playin Strarlight who is a son of Grays Starlight and dam is a daughter of Freckles Playboy. He definitley has a cowy pedigree. Click on his sires name to view his website. Piquito is very athletic and quick, he is also very laid back and respectful with no bad habits. You can sit on him when he is laying down and he won't even bother to open his eyes. He longes, stands tied all day, is good for farrier, clips, bathes, loads, I don't think there is anything he wouldn't do for you. He has moved cattle at the ranch and is very sure footed and enjoyable to ride.
He has had some training with Todd Martin Reining horses. He will spin and slide with shoes on. He is a very pretty mover and catches everyone eye when he is loping around. This is a very nice prospect to either continue with reining training, do working cowhorse, or would make a nice roping horse. You definitley would be proud to be seen on him. To watch a video of this horse on youtube, click on this link: playincards-video

HAPPY PLAYGUN aka "Pistol"
2006 Gelding by Playgun Olena x Impressive N Jazzy
Pistol is a beautiful grey gelding with lots of bone and a very willing attitude. He is smooth to ride and has lots of power yet is enjoyable to get along with. He is very light in the mouth and leg yeilds nicely. We are about to start him on cattle and see how much cow he has in him. Based on his pedigree he ought to really enjoy working cows. You can clck on his sires name to view his website and you can see younger pics of him on the foals 06 pages. He is turning out to be a really nice prospect.


2007 Gelding by Impressive Salt x Miss Coosa Girl
(goes back to the Continental)
Val is a good looking big horse who is a full brother to Cotton above. He stands tied, clips, bathes, loads in a trailer, longes, good for farrier, and is very personable. He is a big stout guy and is only 2 and he is sure to be a big enough horse to get a job done yet he is friendly enough that you will enjoy him. To Watch a quick video of him on youtube, click on this link val-video

Gimmea Salty Rita aka "Rita"
2008 Filly by Impressive Salt x Miss Coosa Girl (goes back to the Continental)
Rita is a beautiful, well built yearling filly with one of the prettiest heads I have ever seen. This is Impressive Salts last foal. She is very athletic and sweet and loves attention. She stands tied, bathes, loads in a trailer, longes, and is good for farrier. She is a full sister to Cotton and Val.

Royaly Happy aka "Roy"
2008 Colt by Royal Blue Quixote x Impressive N Jazzy
Roy is a good looking solid little colt. His sire is a young stallion at the Babcock ranch. You can click on his sires name to see his website. This is a sure to be a super cowy little powerhouse. He is very personable and easy to get along with. We look forward to seeing great things once training begins with him.

COOS IM SALTY aka "Chewy" Sold! Congratulations to Kelly Ward of Midland
2004 Colt by Impressive Salt x Coosa Skipbar(goes back to Skippa Star)

"Chewy" is a well muscled, good boned, fancy gelding. He ties, clips. loads,bathes, good for farrier and absolutley loves people. He will leave the herd to be with you. He is very intelligent and very trusting. There isn't anything he won't try to do for you, he is very laid back He is going to have lots of size and lots of looks. His 3 yr old brother is 16 h. You can read about him on the feedback page. I think he will make a great show horse, because he is a pretty mover with lots of athleticism. He will definitley be a a good dependable horse with some sense. He has been to some shows as a weanling and not only did he behave well, he placed well in all his classes. Remember he is just a 2yr old and has lots of growing and filling out to do, just look at Pepper, the 19 year old gelding on the foals03 page. You can see younger pics of him on the foals04 page. We have just started riding them and Chewy has the smoothest trot I have ever sat.. So far he has been very willing and quiet and nothing bothers him.Chewy has a very light mouth and is very responsive to leg pressure, but not goosey. he is bending nicely and if you want to stop, you just think whoa and sit back and he stops, all on a long rein. I have ridden him quite a bit out of the arena and he has not spooked at anything. He still has a lot to learn, but he acts like he has been ridden forever. He picks up on things very quickly. He is sidepassing and opening gates as well.
10/30/06 This colt has come back from the trainer with a big stop, good spins and roll backs and is definitley broke! We have moved cattle on him almost every weekend for the past 3 weeks and he is loving it and is a joy to ride.

Asking price: $3000.00

2005 Filly by Impressive Salt x Miss Coosa Girl(goes back to the Continental)
Salts Hippie Girl aka "Hippie"
Hippie is a well balanced, good boned, sweet filly. The colt above, "Cotton" , is her full brother. She ties, clips. loads,bathes, good for farrier and loves people. She is easy to handle and work on and really just wants to please. She longes and is extremely athletic. When she was just a few months old she would take off through the gate to the trap,run around the round bale feeder and fly back to the pens. I asked her if she wanted to be a barrel horse. She is very quick, yet just as sweet as she can be when handleing her. Sold

2002 Sorrel Filly

"Honey" is a beautiful filly. She is a well muscled, big filly with a baby doll head and big hip. She will probably reach 16 h. She is out of our Stallion and a huge palomino mare that goes back to BILL CODY. I have shown her as a weanling and once this year as a yearling and she has done very well. Besides her excellent conformation, she is also a very pretty mover and is extremely "cowy" . She is easy to handle and has no bad habits. She ties, loads, bathes, clips, etc. She has a great personality, absolutely loves people, in fact she thinks she is a pet, but she does have manners. This is a very athletic filly that is ready to do something with. See younger pics of her on the foals pages. Please contact us for more info on "Honey".Asking price: $3000. Sold


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